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General Terms and Conditions

Introduction is a personal chess trainer that helps you improve your chess, lets you determine your ELO-rating by playing against the chess computer Crafty, and offers you to use your display as a chess board to play and practice check.


The General Terms and Conditions apply to all legal relations between the operator of this website and you as a user in the edition valid at the point in time at which you are playing. All offers are for private, non-commercial, and non-business use in accordance with these conditions of usage.


The registration on this website forms a contract between you and the operator. This contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time.

The operator of the website reserves all rights to exclude players for cause from the game. This can be performed without giving any reasons or previous warnings.

Free and Chargeable Services

The registration allows you to test Chessimo for free. When concluding a unit you are able to access new exercises by paying a fee through your profile on the website’s operator’s server. Chargeable offers are explicitly marked as such.

Cancellation Policies

You have the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen days without naming any reasons.

The cancellation period is fourteen days and begins at the day of concluding the contract.

To make use of your withdrawal right you must inform us, the

8 x 8 Media AG

Zimmergasse 8 CH-8008 Zürich

Phone:+41 79 579 39 98
Telefax:+41 43 542 49 63

about your intention to withdraw from the contract with a clear explanation (e.g. mailed letter, telefax, or email).

For this matter you can use the accompanying model form for withdrawal. Using this form is not an obligation when wanting to withdraw from the contract.

Withdrawal from the contract within the cancellation period can be accomplished by messaging us about your usage of the cancellation right.

If you withdraw from the contract, we are obligated to refund all payments received from you within fourteen days, beginning with the day of receiving your message about withdrawing from the contract. For refunding your payments we use the same payment channels you initially used to make the transactions, as long as no other explicit agreements upon this matter have been made. Under no circumstances we will charge you with refunding fees.

Special Indications about Your Right of Withdrawal

If you have demanded for the services to begin during the period of cancellation, you have to pay us an adequate amount of money that is conform with the share of services already provided to you until the point in time you informed us about your usage of the right of withdrawal and stands in reasonable relation to the total extent of all intended services.

End of cancellation instructions

Notice of Cancellation

The contract can be cancelled at any time without compliance of contract reasons by both contract parties with no obligation of naming reasons. Notice of cancellation must be given in a written statement, via letter or email.

Rights and Obligations of Customers

When registering you create a personal account that is provided to you by the operator of this website for solely private use.

You are not allowed to rent your account to others, sell it, offer it in any other way to a third party, or make it accessible to the public.

You are obligated to assure that you are the only user of this account. You must therefore treat your credentials such as access data and especially your password with caution. In case of infringement you will be held responsible to compensate the damage done. Your account can be blocked for further usage.

When gaining knowledge of an unauthorized third party knowing your password you will immediately inform the operator of this website.

With exception of those rights that you were explicitly granted in the General Terms and Conditions, all rights and property claims on the software and the digital contents are reserved by the operator of this website. By paying for the services you do not purchase any ownership rights, you only gain the right to use the chosen services activated through your account by payment.


Claims for damages against the operator of this website are excluded, as far as nothing else is determined in the following. An exemption of this rule is given if the operator acts in a grossly negligent or willful manner.

Damage caused by viruses are not considered gross negligence. The operator of the website is committed to take precautions through anti-virus software at all time.

The constant availability of all offered services cannot be granted, so that liability does not apply to services inactivated by system failures.